Friday, 11 March 2016

How to root htc one m9

You must have an HTC one m9 with unlocked bootloader.Right now there is no way you can unlock m9 mobile so if your m9 comes with an unlocked bootloader you can peform m9 root or you will have to wait until htc updates to unlock the M9 bootloader. 

If you want to : Video
Link to the correct TWRP to use thread by Captain_Throwback READ DISCLAIMERS!
*We are not responsible for your phone*
Link to TWRP page in general:
Link to correct SuperSU to flash:

Unlocking the bootloader. (Thanks -markus-)
- Sign in to HTCdev
- Unlock Bootloader
- Get Started
- On "Select Your Device" Select "All Other Supported Models"
- Begin Unlock Bootloader
- Legal Terms "Proceed to Unlock Instructions
- On Phone pressing Volume Down + press Power to boot in "HTC download mode" (black Background)
- Connect Phone via USB
- CMD: fastboot oem get_identifier_token
- Copy and paste the token in Textfield "My Device Identifier Token:"
- You will receive an Email with "Unlock_code.bin
- CMD: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
- Press Volume Button to secelt Yes for Unlock bootloader

If your bootloader is unlocked, follow these steps. 
  • Download and install ADB/Fastboot using 15 second ADB/Fastboot installer.
  • Plug in the One M9, enable USB debugging.
  • Open up command prompt, type
    adb devices
  • Code:
    adb reboot download
  • Code:
     fastboot flash recovery C:\Users\XDADev\Downloads\TWRP.img
    Replace C:\Users\XDADev\Downloads\TWRP.img with the path where the twrp.img is located for you.
  • Power off your device. Now, to boot into recovery mode.
    Press and hold Volume Down button, then press the Power button to switch on your phone and release it, but keep holding the Volume Down button.
    Select boot to recovery on the screen that appears(bootloader)
  • Download
  • Make sure you have an SD Card in your phone, then do
    adb push C:\Users\XDADev\Downloads\ /sdcard
    Once again, replace C:\Users\XDADev\Downloads\ with your path.
  • On your device, click Install, then at the top of the screen it should say Internal Storage or SDCard. If it does not say SD Card, click it and change it to SD Card.
  • Now find, click on it, and swipe to flash it.
  • Once SuperSU is done flashing reboot the phone, and open up SuperSU. You are now rooted!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Android Marshmallow features,updates

Android Marshmallow 6.0:

Google has launched Android Marshmallow which is pretty cool becuse it has introduced many new
emoji and security patches.Android Marshmallow was announced by Google on May 28, when it was released as the Android M developer preview. Several updates to the preview came out before Marshmallow was named officially

Android Marshmallow design

Android Marshmallow is visually similar to its predecessor, Lollipop, in many ways. Google’s Material Design language is now more pervasive than ever before and the main areas of the UI – settings, notifications shade and navigation – remain the same. But Marshmallow does have some differences in appearance and new features. on August 17. Google finally revealed Android 6.0 Marshmallow, alongside the 2015 Nexus devices, on September 29, 2015.
Lock screen of android 6.0:
The Marshmallow lock screen is almost same to android  Lollipop(5.0)  complete with expandable notifications and app shortcuts. But where Lollipop had shortcuts in the bottom corners that too you to the camera and dialer, Marshmallow replaces the dialer shortcut with one to Google’s voice search. This small update is the first clue as to just how integral voice commands are to Marshmallow.
    The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update will comes in the form of the MMB29M build which is going to be available for download for the Nexus devices. Devices that go default android marshmallow when they came from the factory are:
    Nexus 6P
    Nexus 5X
    Nexus 6
    Nexus 5
    Nexus Player
    Nexus 9
    Nexus 7 

    Sunday, 15 March 2015

    How to create a paypal account in Pakistan

    Every one knows that you cannot create Paypal in Pakistan because it is not supporting Pakistan but the Pakistani carrier Zong has patner with Paypal and you can now use Zong as a payment option  to pay on many stores Facebook thats not it you can also pay on steam store with Zong and this is a great news for the gammers who don't have a credit card.So this is the most easiest way to pay with Paypal in Pakistan.Here's the link to Zong Paypal service.After this we hope that we will be able to Pay via Paypal in Pakistan.To use Zong Paypal you have to make sure the site you are using supports the Zong Paypal service lets suppose you are buying a game on steam online store then when you are buying that game you will see a pay via sms this is what you can use to buy that game.

    Friday, 13 March 2015

    How to root Samsung Galaxy s6

    We are working on how to root Samsung galaxy s6 and we will post it here as soon it get roots till then bookmark this page and check it again.Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page.

    Saturday, 18 October 2014

    How to boot Kali Linux:

    After creating The bootable USB/DVD as i have given the tutorial above place the DVD in DVD-ROm or plug in the USB then shutdown your PC.After your PC is shutdown turn it on and go in your boot menu by pressing the boot menu key on the right time.for eg to enter in the boot menu i need to press the F12 key when Toshiba sign comes on my Laptop.
    The boot many may look like:
    Boot menu
    Select USB if u have plugged in USB or Select CD/DVD if you have bootable DVD.Now,after selecting DVD/USB Kali will boot up and this screen will come up:
    Kali boot menu
    Now,select the first option i.e Live (amd 64) now it will load some necessary files but it won't take much of your time.
    Necessary files loading
    After this you will see Kali's desktop now u are in the world of hacking.

    What is Kali Linux:

    Guyz this post will tell u about the Kali linux.I will tell you how to install this software and how to hack.The software name is Kali Linux as the name clearify it is base on Linux debian image.It can be installed on Laptop,Android phone.
    First of All you have to download Kali Linux from HERE.You may download it according  to your need like 64 bit or 32 bit, but it should be .iso format if want to create a bootable USB.

    How to install Kali linux

    After you have downloaded Kali linux I will recommend you to burn it in DVD but you can also install it in USB and you can create a bootable USB.To make a bootable USB you will have to download Rufus(link given in end).You will need at least 4 GB USB to install Kali Linux on it you can also use this software to create boot able DVD.
    Link to Rufus.Plug in your USB before running Rufus Warning:all your data will be formatted so please backup your data using Rufus is safe i have tried it myself.
    Screen Shots:
    To select the file u want to burn click the disc icon.It will ask you for the folder navigate the folder in which you have downloaded the kali linux.

    Now select Kali Linux and click start it will Format your USB and then it will burn Kali Linux in your USB/DVD and it will become bootable.