Sunday, 15 March 2015

How to create a paypal account in Pakistan

Every one knows that you cannot create Paypal in Pakistan because it is not supporting Pakistan but the Pakistani carrier Zong has patner with Paypal and you can now use Zong as a payment option  to pay on many stores Facebook thats not it you can also pay on steam store with Zong and this is a great news for the gammers who don't have a credit card.So this is the most easiest way to pay with Paypal in Pakistan.Here's the link to Zong Paypal service.After this we hope that we will be able to Pay via Paypal in Pakistan.To use Zong Paypal you have to make sure the site you are using supports the Zong Paypal service lets suppose you are buying a game on steam online store then when you are buying that game you will see a pay via sms this is what you can use to buy that game.

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