Thursday, 10 December 2015

Android Marshmallow features,updates

Android Marshmallow 6.0:

Google has launched Android Marshmallow which is pretty cool becuse it has introduced many new
emoji and security patches.Android Marshmallow was announced by Google on May 28, when it was released as the Android M developer preview. Several updates to the preview came out before Marshmallow was named officially

Android Marshmallow design

Android Marshmallow is visually similar to its predecessor, Lollipop, in many ways. Google’s Material Design language is now more pervasive than ever before and the main areas of the UI – settings, notifications shade and navigation – remain the same. But Marshmallow does have some differences in appearance and new features. on August 17. Google finally revealed Android 6.0 Marshmallow, alongside the 2015 Nexus devices, on September 29, 2015.
Lock screen of android 6.0:
The Marshmallow lock screen is almost same to android  Lollipop(5.0)  complete with expandable notifications and app shortcuts. But where Lollipop had shortcuts in the bottom corners that too you to the camera and dialer, Marshmallow replaces the dialer shortcut with one to Google’s voice search. This small update is the first clue as to just how integral voice commands are to Marshmallow.
    The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update will comes in the form of the MMB29M build which is going to be available for download for the Nexus devices. Devices that go default android marshmallow when they came from the factory are:
    Nexus 6P
    Nexus 5X
    Nexus 6
    Nexus 5
    Nexus Player
    Nexus 9
    Nexus 7 

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